Daydream(Billy Strayhorn Radio Themed Drama) Episode 5 Sunday, November 8th

Event Date: November 8, 2020
Event Time: 6-6:30pm CDT 
You can still catch up and hear Episode One-Four  Hope you will tune in each Sunday at 6 p.m. Central there are 4 more episodes to come.

Come be a part of a wonderful celebration of Jazz icon Billy Strayhorn at the premiere of the first episode of Day Dream: A Radio Drama. We are hosting a listening party and it’s going to be off the chain!

About the Radio Drama:
DayDream is a radio play inspired by the life of jazz artist and composer Billy Strayhorn. It contrasts Billy’s journey, looking back on his life during a radio interview, with the journey of
Andre, an aspiring jazz vocalist struggling to find his voice in today’s world.
Released in 8 episodes starting September 1st, Day Dream is set in two time periods: Billy in1965, and Andre in Modern Day. 1965 takes a look at the musical genius, whom world-
renowned artist Duke Ellington called his “writing and arranging companion”, and the struggle to receive credit for many of his works. Modern Day explores a young man discovering his
connection and understanding of music through the legacy of Billy Strayhorn.